GM/RT 2484 Compliance

GM/RT 2484

Product Ref: DB Reduce GM/RT2484

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GM/RT 2484 has now been superseded by GM/RT 2131.

For any trains which were built before the new standard was introduced (2016) this standard will still comply.

Trent Instruments have the ability to perform modification work to trains built before 2016 to bring them up to either this standard or GM/RT 2131.

Trent Instruments can provide a service for the testing and supply of new and overhaul products to these standards for the requirements of the customer.

This can include a modification or upgrade with all the associated Sound Pressure Level (SPL) testing included.

Products suitable for performing to this standard at both the fast and the slow speed SPLs include KSJ Horns and the Horn Control Panel.

Please also see our DMWD page for a suitable Depot Movement Warning Device.

If you are looking to get your horns performing to just one of the speed SPLs then take a look at our CS Horns for the slow speed or the KS Horns for the high speed.

Both these ranges perform at their best when used with our Horn Control Panel.

If you require more information about upgrade programmes or modification projects that Trent Instruments are able to perform please contact us for more information.