Bespoke Horn Filters

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Bespoke Filters

Trent Instruments works closely with customers to develop solutions to meet their specific requirements for any type of horn protection required.

More recently Trent Instruments has worked on innovative designs that are required to work in a variety of harsh environments that horns might be found in.

Designs have been created that can be implemented for a winter period and modified for summer functionality.

Protection against animals and insects are also taken into consideration during the design and review process.

Trent Instruments also check that any new design for horn protection still ensures the horn performs within the required frequency range to perform within the relevant standards.

Examples of specific requirements include:

  • Baffle Plates to any dimensions required

  • Combinations of spacers and filters to fit in required space envelopes

  • Innovative Baffle Plate designs for working in multiple seasons

Should any of our customers like to discuss this further, please get in touch with us to discuss these requirements and our team will be glad to assist.