Depot Movement Warning Device

DMWD (66-1016)

The Depot Movement Warning Device (DMWD) has been designed and manufactured by Trent Instruments.

The application for this device is primarily for long 10 car trains which are split up to enable each section to fit into a loco depot or workshop.

The units fit on the centre 2 carriages and are controlled using fly by wire feed from an electronic switch which is controlled from the drivers desk in the cab.

Precise control, calibration and verification makes it possible to achieve exacting customer requirements in any application.

Other Key Points:

  • Tested in Trent Instruments 5 Meter Calibrated Anechoic Test Room to give a pronounced whistle sound.

  • Designed in collaboration with Bombardier Transportation for use on the Aventra Project.

  • Compact package.

  • Electric feedback mechanism.

  • Robust design with superb build quality.

  • Whistle Protection against ballast strikes.

  • Housed in a purpose designed Stainless Steel Enclosure (IP rating not yet known).

  • Initial design for use with 110V dc.

  • Built to comply with rail standard GM/RT 2131.

Further Opportunities:

  • Different feedback systems including a frequency of soundings (“Papping”).

  • Visual warning devices such as flashing lights.


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