Trent Overhaul

All Trent Instruments overhaul work is conducted to exacting internal procedures that guarantee compliance to relevant railgroup standards.

We have a fully equipped facility for the overhaul of most types of;

  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic Valves, Governers, Regulators and Pressure Switches.
  • Horns, Pressure Gauges and Associated Locomotive Equipement.
  • Calibrated Anechoic Test Chamber as well as a purpose built 5 Mtr Anechoic Test Room.
  • Ability to modify decibel output of horns.
  • Abilty to upgrade current horns to heated horns - adding protection from harsh weather conditions.
  • All overhaul / modification work can be certified.
  • Genuine Airchime spares.

We are regularly audited to GM/RT2450 for suppliers/manufacturers of Safety Critical products.

Requirements can be tailored to suit customer bespoke needs.

We are able to work closely with our clients - often executing 5 day turnrounds.

Planned maintenance contracts available - assist with control of costs.

Extend the life, and have traceable history of your product.

Please contact our sales team for further information.