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GM/RT 2131 - This is the most recent Standard relating to the Audible and Visual Warning Devices fitted to new locomotives and Trains.

The requirements contained within this standard include specifications on the Horn Sound Pressure Level (SPL), Frequencies the Horns perform with, control devices and any applicable variations.

This document also references BS EN 15153-2:2013, LOC & PAS TSI and GM/RT 2400.

Trent Instruments, in conjunction with Nathan Airchime, have developed a new system that enables train operators to comply with the dual decibel output requirements within the Rail Group Standard (RGS).

The system can be fitted retrospectively and the horns have a lower rated Sound Pressure Level (SPL) output than all previous Horn models, however the horn notes are identical to traditional horns.

The option for a variable horn SPL output is also available to function on trains with speeds over 100mph.

To fully comply, a new electro-pneumatic control panel has been developed for precise control of air flow to the horn.

There are built in safety features within the control panel.

Dual functioning actuators enable the train to remain in operation until necessary maintenance can be undertaken and a feedback signal is also given to notify the on board diagnostics that the horns have been activated.

The ideal horns to use in this system are the KSJ horns. Trent Instruments can supply purpose made mounting blocks for these horns so they can be fitted directly onto the train.

Trent Instruments would also recommend fitting Rail Group Standard compliant ballast protection and winterisation devices to the horns, such as:

Which help ensure the longevity of the horns.

An additional provision for a heating system means the horns can be kept warm and dry, which helps prevent freezing or condensation on horn interior. More information can be found here.

Please also see our DMWD page for a suitable Depot Movement Warning Device.

Previous Audibility Requirements for Trains include GM/RT 2484 and GM/RT 2180.

This system is also highly convenient for retrospective fitting to trains for modification and upgrade.

The KSJ horns can be very easily fitted to any existing KS horn bases, enabling the horns to remain in their current position on the vehicle - negating any new brackets or fabrication work.

If you require any more information on this standard, or the system and components which we can supply, please contact us for more information.

Documents relating to all the above standards can be found on the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) Website.