Air Horns - Class III Vessels

Air Horns - Class III Vessels

Product Ref: Airhorn Cl III

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Air Horns - Class III Vessels.

Vessels 20 Meters but less than 75 M in length.

IMO; 130Db 1/3rd octive band level at 1 meter.

  • Model KMJ are cast in corrosion resistant, light weight marine aluminium with stainless steel fasteners for years of trouble free service.
  • IMO/COLREGS certified for vessels upto 75 Meters.
  • Famous for self draining design- featuring a horizontal bell with a horizontal diaphragm head so water drains away from diaphram seat.
  • Energy efficient over a wide range of pressures (15 to 20 psi).
  • Produces a loud powerful signal using as little as 15 psi in order to command immediate attention.
  • Fully enclosed models available for cold weather applications.
  • Self contained models available for when an air supply is not available or desired.

Single Tone, Dual tone and Triple tone models available.

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