Trent Fuel Valves

Product Ref: 66-1053

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Trent Part No:

66-1048 – Fuel Valve

66-1054 – Float Valve

66-1053 – (Both Sections Combined)

Fuel Valves

A lighter assembly and offering more flexibility over the traditional brass design.

Trent Instruments have developed this fuel shut off valve to withstand the rigors of a high flow filling systems along with the capability to work in conjunction with Bio Fuels.

This retention valve ensures that once the fuel is in the tank it cannot be forced back out, therefore preventing spillages and fuel hazards.

Versatility is key and our range of fuel valves can be adapted to various bulkhead, flange or threaded mounting options.

Our engineering team have modified and adapted our series to provide bespoke product in weeks to

solve problematic scenarios which are used on both new build projects and upgrades to rolling stock already in service.

Designed to mate with our GA Union Valve our comprehensive range of products can accommodate your fuelling requirements.

We carry extensive parts and can generally deliver goods from stock.

Float Valves

Trent Instruments float valves work hand in hand with our fuel valves but also that of other designs.

With a flexible design and willing design team we can adapt our product with arm length variation along with various float angles and body size for tight or bespoke applications.

These designs can easily be accommodated to fit on existing rolling stock, or utilised in upgrade projects to enable fuelling to take place without overfilling the fuel tanks.

This is therefore a crucial assembly to prevent over filling tanks and reducing spillages around fuelling depots.

Self-contained automation means that no external processes are required to make this valve function.

Trent have developed this float valve to withstand the rigors of a high flow filling systems along with the capability to work with Bio Fuels.

We stock parts & can usually deliver from stock.

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